Monitoring, Troubleshooting & Reporting
The PALLADION software suite provides operational teams with a real-time view of the network and associated services. This decreases the time to close trouble tickets, increasing customer satisfaction by providing prompt and efficient support.
PALLADION summarises service activity as an end-to-end graphical call flow - this powerful feature enables administrators to easily and readily diagnose correct, incorrect, or even suspicious call activity.

Providing a Comprehensive Suite of Network Wide Measurements

Through constant monitoring of the service infrastructure, including metrics such as message processing times and response times of critical network equipment, PALLADION enables upcoming issues to be identified before services are affected.
PALLADION provides a comprehensive suite of network wide measurements by which the efficiency, performance, progress or quality of the underlying service environment can be assessed. An overview and status of all configured platforms are also provided - selecting a device aggregates information about the individual platform and presents an extensive range of KPI Metrics.

Enlarge System Architecture

Media Analysis
PALLADION enables the analysis of RTP traffic for identifying voice quality problems measuring the audio quality for each call. The system can measure Jitter, Packet Loss and Burst Packet Loss for the subscriber data stream and estimate important voice quality factors such as the Mean Opinion Score (MOS) or R-Factor. In addition to measuring and reporting on voice quality PALLADION provides the capability to capture the RTP streams of particular calls, in addition to the signalling messages. The system provides fine-grained control on which calls to record by defining the numbers or number ranges allowing recorded calls to be downloaded in PCAP format. This enables operational teams to further analyse media quality issues through capture and playback of problem calls.
Fraud continues to be a significant threat to any hosted unified communications service environment. Large sums of money can be lost in relatively short time frames through various VoIP related attacks. Fraud Detection & Prevention from IPTEGO is a solution which uses a technology which is fundamentally difficult to scam - automated behavioural analysis. Built upon the PALLADION software suite, it is a passive monitoring system collecting real-time information about all calls, users, customers and trunks. PALLADION monitors all participants in a network and reports current encrypted usage information to the Fraud Detection & Prevention system which automatically learns behavioural patterns of all participants over time. Any deviation from a user’s behavioural pattern may suggest that the network is facing a fraud attack.
Threshold Alarm
Surpassing a defined threshold causes an alarm to be raised. Thresholds can be either statically defined values or dependent on a counter or KPI. Fully automatic thresholds based on previous behavioural patterns are widely recognised as the most powerful method for detecting fraud.